Mission Statement

The mission of Brooks’ World Travels is to continue the memory of Brooks Thomsen Singer by providing an opportunity for students to travel overseas and have meaningful interactions with peers and people from other cultures, as Brooks did. The mission is focused on having students come to recognize that the entire world and all of its cultures will be increasingly part of their lives and that despite all of the differences, all of us, still, are so much more the same than different, as Brooks did.

You may have seenĀ the plaque placed up at the entrance to Marshfield High School. It is in memory of Brooks Thomsen Singer, a sophomore at Marshfield High School who died on August 24, 2003. This plaque memorializes Brooks, describes him, and describes the program set up in conjunction with Marshfield High School in 2004 called Brooks’ World Travels.

Each school year up to 25 students will have the opportunity to adventure to a different culture and experience others, especially their peers, just as Brooks had done his entire life. Brooks learned how small the world really is and how much more all of us are the same, rather than different. Everyone who got to know Brooks learned that he lived his life that way. Brooks showed others that no matter what a person’s position in life was, no matter what their race, culture, background, abilities, likes or dislikes were, he respected them and could become a genuine friend. Brooks’ World Travels was created with that in mind. It also was created to enable students to feel more familiar and comfortable with people from other backgrounds and cultures as they become adults and go off into their own careers.

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