Second Trip – London 2005

Report on Second Trip to London

The second Brooks World Travels trip was, in part, a repeat of the first year’s trip. In London the twenty five students covered much of the same ground but even more than last year’s trip. The trip to Villier’s High School was met with great enthusiasm, and students from both sides of the Atlantic spent time cooking, playing a host of different games and sharing stories of their own countries and lives.

Most memorable was the planting and dedication of a maple tree at the US Embassy for Brooks and the Brooks’ World Travels program. There were only four other trees that had been so dedicated. All were for former US presidents and diplomats. This dedication and the plaque were placed there by the US Embassy for the simple reason that they were touched by the mission of Brooks’ World Travels and the life that Brooks led. A letter from the assistant head teacher of Villier’s High School about this occasion is attached below.

Below is also attached a few of the many photos and pages from scrap books that the students made. A number of videos were also made, and we will try to include these on Brooks’ website at a future date. The fact remains, that all of the students’ lives were touched again by this experience. The laughter, wide-eyed adventures and stories that came back to Marshfield High School testify to that. Brooks would be smiling. We are so much more the same than different.

First Trip – France and London 2004

Report on Inaugural Trip to France and London

The first overseas trip of Brooks’ World Travels took 25 students to both London and France between March 12 and March 20, 2004. MHS Faculty members, Kim McGourty, Cindy Goods, Dominic Centorino and Bill Battis were the chaperones. As the accompanying story in the Marshfield mariner reports, the trip was a fantastic success. The students visited many famous historical sites including the Eiffel Tower, Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, the Globe Theater, Piccadilly Circus and many many other sites. They also saw “We Will Rock You,” Queen’s musical at the Dominion Theater in London. On their free time the students shopped, strolled and visited other sites of their own choosing.

Also in keeping with the mission of Brooks’ World Travels, the students met their peers at the Villier’s High School in London. This school includes British students and many refugee students from India, Pakistan and other countries. Friendships, soccer games and stories were shared and email addresses were exchanged.

When the United States Embassy heard of Brooks’ World Travels and its mission, it offered to dedicate a tree at the embassy to Brooks and the program set up in his memory. This was scheduled for the following year.

One of the most remarkable results of this first trip, besides the adventure and the opportunity to meet students from other countries was what many students said about their experience. They said that they never realized how close and comfortable they became with other students from their own school, students who they had seen in the hallways and classes for at least three years but never really knew. Brooks would smile. This first trip fulfilled its mission.

Download a newspaper article about this trip. [PDF]