Brooks’ World collected used clothes, shoes, sneakers, backpacks, pots and pans and other non-electric household to be shipped to the Philippines in the wake of the horrific typhoon that has killed over 5000 people and left thousands of families without any home or provisions.

Food has been sent, but families still needed the most basic supplies to try and rebuild their lives. We were successful in our efforts, and we were able to send 2000 pounds of goods that left last December.

As of today we have not received any letters or emails from the families that we helped.  The donations were distributed through various agencies, and we hope that we were able to help as many families as possible.  We were told that not only is internet access impossible, but even mail has not been able to be sent out of this region of the Philippines to this day.  Families are still basically trying to just live and survive one day at a time.   Fresh drinkable water is precious.  All of this makes us realize how much we have and how much we should appreciate what we have each day.

Thank you for your support and interest on behalf of the families and children in the Philippines.

David Singer


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