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Welcome to Brooks' World Travels
Brooks' World Travels is a program begun by Marshfield High School in memory of Brooks Thomsen Singer.

You may have seen the plaque placed up at the entrance to Marshfield High School . It is in memory of Brooks Thomsen Singer, a sophomore at Marshfield High School who died on August 24, 2003.

This plaque memorializes Brooks, describes him, and describes the program set up in conjunction with Marshfield High School in 2004 called Brooks' World Travels.

Brooks touched the lives of everyone he knew. Soon after his death a park was named after him (Brooks' Park, Marshfield Hills), and a memorial stone was placed at the new skate boarding park in Marshfield . In addition, the Brooks Thomsen Singer Performance Center was dedicated at the Our World Children's Discovery Museum in Cohasset. All of these dedications reflected the impact that this young man had on so many people from all walks of life.

Now each school year up to 25 students will have the opportunity to adventure to a different culture and experience others, especially their peers, just as Brooks had done his entire life. Brooks learned how small the world really is and how much more all of us are the same, rather than different. Everyone who got to know Brooks learned that he lived his life that way. Brooks showed others that no matter what a person's position in life was, no matter what their race, culture, background, abilities, likes or dislikes were, he respected them and could become a genuine friend. Brooks' World Travels was created with that in mind. It also was created to enable students to feel more familiar and comfortable with people from other backgrounds and cultures as they become adults and go off into their own careers.

In addition to visiting famous cultural sights, part of the experience will be to meet peers from other cultures and contribute something to their school or program. In 2006, the Marshfield students visited Villiers High School in London and spent time with students from England , India , Pakistan and several other countries. The students also purchased over $500 worth of sports equipment for their high school.

Each year, teachers and the Brooks' World Travels Board decide upon the country and destination of Brooks' World Travels with input from the students and parents. The trip is planned to take place during the April school vacation, but the date can be determined each year by those involved.

In order to minimize costs, there are four fundraising activities that take place every year. The first is the MHS Coffee House, featuring Marshfield High School students and faculty (See below for last year's program). The second is the Brooks' World Travels Comedy Night and Raffle. In 2006 it took place at Courtney's in Marshfield (See below for last year's program) and the third is the annual Christmas Tree Fund Raiser that takes place in front of Roche Brothers Supermarket in Marshfield. The last will be a new car raffle. All of the students who are selected for Brooks' World Travels and their parents, if possible, are expected to take part in at least one of the fundraising activities. (Click here for more information on our fundraising opportunities)

The application must be filled out and returned by October 31, 2006 . The application process is competitive and is based upon the interest, commitment and benefit that each student might achieve from taking part in his trip. (Click here for the application)

We are all so much more the same than different

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Last updated on June 28th